Full-Body Sensual Massage in Austin, TX

I offer private, sensual, full-body massage and intimacy consultations to spiritual minded people that practice a high degree of honesty and integrity in their relationships with others.

Those interested in experiencing deeper, more meaningful and satisfying relationships, may do so by increasing understanding of intimacy, improving articulate communication and developing sophisticated skills in physical touch.

Many have said that my embellished personal story-telling and teaching style is entertaining, thought provoking, and informative.

I am involved in the transmission of a sacred body of knowledge that embraces, with compassion, the natural healing force of sensuality. The desire to express oneself in a sensual manner is a biological imperative designed by God-Goddess.

I have been ebulliently providing massage therapy and therapeutic touch since 1997. I also have been attuned and certified as a Reiki practitioner. In 2003, I was certified as an Intimacy Consultant from the Institute of Intimate Wisdom.

Services are designed to usher you into a new realm of possibilities for enhancing an individual or group experience of physical communion.

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Austin, Texas